Getting attached to your dog? Can it backfire?

We, as people get attached to other people, animals and even things. But is it wise to get attached to your pet?dog

Most pets have a short/medium life span. But does that mean that we should not get attached to them?

From personal experience, I had a dog that lived up to 16+ years. That is quite good for a dog. But losing him was not all that pleasant at all. Not only did I miss him when at first, to this day I still look at where he was usually during the day and have the reflex of wanting to take him for a

It is weird to say, but animals not only teach us how to care, but also dictate our daily routine. And when they are gone, the routine changes. As creatures of habit, this is not something we are always ready to accept.

But would I change the way I connected to my dog? Never!


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